Svetlana Belotserkovskaya
About the Artist/Art Instructor/Owner...

If you walk into the midst of an Art Zone class session, you’d think she’s been doing this forever. If you listen to her wise words and watch her genius brushing up of students’ paintings, you’d be sure there’s never been a more dedicated and passionate art teacher.

Svetlana Belotserkovskaya was born in Yaroslavl, an ancient Russian city on the Volga River. Her unique talent was discovered at an early age, and her love of art made her pursue her dream to be an artist.  Svetlana went on to earn her degree in art first in Russia and later in the USA at UAB.

Svetlana and her family immigrated to the U.S. and settled down in Birmingham, Alabama in 1994. Here, she worked for a while as a graphic designer. However, throughout her life, observing, drawing and painting people has remained her first passion. Since then, Svetlana has continued painting and drawing portraits of people. In addition to this, her portfolio includes drawings, paintings, illustrations, caricatures, graphic designs, and murals. She participated in various art shows and so many people had asked her if she offered art classes, both clients and friends alike, that she felt it inevitable that she would eventually begin doing so.

Svetlana started teaching art classes for children in Birmingham, AL in 2002. These classes combine the influences of the Russian and American schools of thought, taking the strict academic approach from Russia and mixing it with the traditional American freedom of creativity. Desire to develop, learn, and grow are the driving forces behind the students and the classes of this vibrant and creative artist and teacher.

Svetlana has taught at a number of places, including the Vestavia Hills recreation center, Homewood, Hoover, and Cahaba Heights, as well as the Birmingham Museum of Art, Forstall Art Center and Alabama Art Supply. From 2003 to 2008, she was the art instructor for Hoover Recreation Center’s Summer Camp.

In 2005, she added art classes for teenagers and adults to her busy schedule. Otherwise, she teaches ongoing art classes for children at the Vestavia Recreation Center and her home studio, as well as art classes for homeschooled kids in the mornings. From 2006 to 2008, Svetlana taught various art classes for children and adults at the Birmingham Museum of Art. She now offers a summer art camp program, as well as summer art workshops, at her home studio in June and July.

Svetlana has many references from present and former students, who often recommend her to their friends. Many of Svetlana’s students are award-winners, and she always encourages students to participate in different types of competitions.

If you are looking for art classes in Birmingham, Alabama for children, teens, homeschoolers or yourself – no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced artist – try one of these classes. You will not be disappointed! Svetlana’s background and inventive spirit always keep things interesting.

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